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Web Terms  ...oh, i never knew

The news on television, the Sunday paper, your kids...  New terms, words you don't understand, crop up faster than a athlete on steroids.  We've compiled a few of them to help further your web knowledge.  Please note that some of these have been lightened-up  for the average visitor, and wherever possible technical jargon has been avoided.

The Short List

Nice Bubbly Bullet Browser:  Computer software, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, which is used to view Websites, and other internet files and graphics.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Domain Name:  The name associated with a particular Website.  Usually in the format

Nice Bubbly Bullet Down:  Not working.  As in, the host is down or downtime (the period during which something is down)

Nice Bubbly Bullet FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions
  (pronounced faks and rhymes with what Football Defense likes: sacks)

Nice Bubbly Bullet Form:  A method of interacting with the visitor and retrieving information.  You usually fill these out to send a request to the site owner.

Nice Bubbly Bullet GIF:  A file format used for images and graphics on the web.  Files will have a .gif extension like picture.gif
  (pronounced JIF like the peanut butter or like the word gift without the 't')

Nice Bubbly Bullet Hit:  Something on the Soprano's or the viewing of a web page by a visitor  As in, How many hits did we get?

Nice Bubbly Bullet Home Page:  Usually the first page a visitor sees after entering the domain name of a Website  Also known as a Welcome Page.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Host:  A computer that is connected to the Internet and has at least one Website on it.

Nice Bubbly Bullet HTML:  HyperText Markup Language  A programming language that a computer browser understands.

Nice Bubbly Bullet JPEG:  A file format used for images and graphics on the web  Files will have a .jpg or .jpeg extension like sunrise.jpg or ocean.jpeg

Nice Bubbly Bullet Link:  Clicking a link takes you to another place, such as an area on a page, another page, or another domain  It can appear as a button, graphic, underlined text, etc  Sometimes links automatically start your e-mail program so that you can send a message.
  (aka: Hyperlink)

Nice Bubbly Bullet Search Engine:  Software that helps you find things on the web by entering words or phrases  There are many popular search engines which are operated by Websites like HotBot, AltaVista, Google, Yahoo and Lycos  Each Website we create gets listed in search engines  We also have a search engine to quickly find information here at Sherwood.

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