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Sherwood is a service-oriented organization, where quality, dedication, accountability and value, power our company.  Count on us to provide your business with the services you need to succeed.  Well, there are limits to what we can do, since our service offerings are all computer-related and fall into the following categories:  Programming, Web and Internet, Marketing, Technical Publishing and Technical Support.

Although we have been doing this for a long time, we are often suprised at how essential computers have become for every business.  And, because they are now a virtual [ ok, a small pun ;-) ] necessity, it's important to understand how we may be able to assist your company.  Basically, Sherwood provides our services on either a contract or as-needed basis, making us an ideal choice for conserving costs and allowing you to focus on what you do best:  Running Your Business!

The Choice is Sherwood

Please accept our invitation to find out why businesses of all sizes have chosen Sherwood.  Take a few moments to review the following paragraphs, where you will find brief descriptions of our services.  We're pretty sure we can help in some way, large or small and are ready to do so.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Programming:  Our Programming services for the Windows environment are based upon Visual Basic (VB), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA::the much advanced improvement over what were formerly known as macros), SQL and even batch files (yes, they still have a purpose in 2020!).  We can also assist with mainframe programming for VAX/VMS platforms using DCL.  Through these languages we can provide you with Office Automation, Database and Windows Apps.  Training on our software is always included.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Websites:  All the services required to create entirely new Websites, as well as to enhance and expand existing ones are provided as part of our WebSupport services.  Think of us as your personal Design and Graphics team, plus the whole array of technical capabilities that will ensure your website hums along seamlessly.  Plus, we also provide that all important SEO and much more with our Site Promotion services.  Oh, did you say shopping?  Yes we also do that and like everything Sherwood, we strive to be your one-stop website shop.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Interface Design:  In today's digital age, software-based products are still only as good as the User Interface, aka, GUI.  Because we are constantly on the go, digital information must be presented in a clear unambiguous manner.  And, the number of clicks to get from point A to point B, must be kept to a minimum.  We can help design, test and document your software's User Interface.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Marketing:  Although the method of delivery may have changed, the concepts have not.  We have embraced the new era of eBiz Marketing services.  You'll find that Sherwood is a great choice for market research, product positioning and branding, as well as the creation of easily downloadable collateral material, brochures and newsletters.  Sherwood's marketing services were designed to be the perfect complement to all your customer-facing outreach.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Technical Publishing:  The presentation of technical information, whether electronically or in print, is at the heart of our Technical Publishing services.  As your needs may require, we are here to provide the 'people-hours' necessary to create:  Technical Manuals, Online Help, Data Sheets, Interactive Demos and Training Courses, among others.  In fact, we have even served as the entire Tech Pubs department for some of our customers!

Nice Bubbly Bullet Technical Support:  Sometimes the computer doesn't do what it is supposed to do or what you think it should be doing.  Other times you just need to add/configure a new printer, maybe your Local Area Network has become a NotWork  or maybe your Microsoft Office Suite suite has just gone sour.  Whatever your technical needs, you can always count on our Tech Support services to get the job done.  So give us a shout, then sit back and relax.

As you can see we are here to help,
so take the first step with a phone call or e-mail.

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