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Software Products

For the past 30 years, Sherwood has developed a wide variety of software programs.  Although they are all quite different, having been designed for a particular need or market, they can be grouped into the following three broad categories:

Nice Bubbly Bullet OEM Software

Nice Bubbly Bullet Hybrid Software

Nice Bubbly Bullet Commercial Software

Please refer to the following brief descriptions to help select the category that best matches your needs.  And, since all work is done by Sherwood, in-house, we will be happy to meet your needs in one or more categories:

OEM Software   ...for sale by our Business Partners

Sherwood can work with your company to create off-the-shelf software that complements your existing product offerings.  A good example of this is RFstats, which provides users of the NCU Gateway from Symbol Technologies with graphical displays of their statistical data.

Let us make your software ideas a reality!  We can provide the expertise required for specification, design, development, testing, installation and technical support of your software product.  And, as an added bonus, we also offer software duplication and packaging services, as well as providing complete online help and documentation.

Hybrid Software   ...our unique 'rapid re-use'  development process

As a software developer, Sherwood has over 30 years of experience solving difficult business problems.  Sometimes this has lead to the development of a particular Engine  that we can customize to meet the needs of a particular market, business sector or client.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, customizing existing Hybrid products provides a significant savings when compared to new, complete software applications.

Commercial Software   ...ready-to-run for individuals and businesses

Sherwood is a developer and marketer of software for use by individuals, as well as businesses.  These may be utilities, like the HTMLcolorizer  that helps designers preview any combination of font families, sizes, colors and backgrounds to select the best one.  We also create and sell complete multi-purpose applications like WINciphr  that encrypts and decrypts e-mail and other files to prevent unauthorized access.  Plus, there's always something new, so check this page frequently!

For more information contact Sherwood today!

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