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Our Software Direct middleman = REAL Value!

Sherwood offers ready-to-run software products which have been designed to meet specific needs.  All our products feature an intuitive user interfaces, outstanding performance and clear, concise documentation and online help.  And, should you ever have a problem, our technical support staff is always available to assist you.


Designed to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses desiring to guarantee the privacy of their e-mail communications.  The sender encrypts the message and attaches it to their outgoing e-mail.  The recipient can then decrypt the message using the prearranged secret key.  With WINciphrLite™  your confidential message is sealed in an electronic envelope, safe from prying eyes.  To read more about WINciphrLite™  click here.  Your may also want to visit our Library  to learn more about e-mail privacy.


Have you ever wanted to try out several different combinations of text color vs. background color and be able to see what they look like side-by-side?  Then you need HTMLcolorizer.  With a few mouse clicks you'll be able to mix and match like never before.  This product also permits custom mixing from your own palette and easy pasting of hex color values directly into your HTML code.

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