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Hybrid Software  ...rapid development & lower cost

Based upon our proprietary software engine technology, Hybrid Software Products provide an entry-level pricing alternative to custom applications.  Derived from our existing software solutions, these engines can be customized to meet your specific needs.  In addition, different engines can be combined to produce economical answers to many problems.

Product Ordering Assistant

POA is an intelligent engine which facilitates the configuration and ordering of complex systems.  By asking the user a series of focused questions and applying their answers to preset rules, the Product Ordering Assistant  ensures that each system is properly configured and all components are ordered correctly.  The Assistant  was designed to prevent those awkward 'geee, guess I forgot to order that' moments from happening.


Now there is a software solution which streamlines and automates the process of generating lengthy quotes, proposals and contracts of all types.  With the BIDwrite™  engine new levels of productivity are easily attained.  And, this engine is powered by an external customization file which permits the user to extend and modify final output without reprogramming.

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