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RFstats™   ...for Symbol Technologies Gateway NCU

RFstats™  provides performance and traffic statistics from Symbol's Gateway NCU.  This indispensable tool generates 15 highly visual, 3-D graphs which display the complex data in very meaningful ways.  Now, subtle deviations in performance or traffic patterns can be seen instantly.

With this type of analysis, system degradation can be recognized and problems with equipment fixed before the entire system is affected.  And, what's more, historical trend analysis with RFstats™  provides an easy way to plan for future growth, as well as the ability to recognize when your RF network capacity needs to be increased to maintain optimal performance.

The graph on the left was created with RFstats™  and exported as a Windows Metafile (*.WMF) using the graph export capability included with RFstats™.

It graphically displays End-to-End Transaction Time plotted by Time of Day  (i.e., for each hour of the day, the number of transaction records in each of the seven response-time groups is totaled and displayed individually).

This graph is only one  of the fifteen built-in analyses included with RFstats™.

With RFstats™, the extensive performance and traffic statistics gathered by Spectrum One Release 2 Gateway NCU Systems can be easily analyzed.  Highly visual, 3-D graphs permit this complex data to be displayed in meaningful ways.  Subtle performance and traffic deviations can now be seen instantly.

Historical Trend Analysis & Capacity Planning Made Easy

Stay ahead of tomorrow by keeping in touch with the past.  Use historical data to plot trends and plan ahead for future growth.  RFstats™ gives you unmatched insight to the inner-workings of your RF network.

Advanced Features and Intuitive Graphical User Interface

RFstats™ is loaded with features that help you to be more productive.  The intuitive design of RFstats™  means you do not need extensive Windows or spreadsheet experience to produce complex performance and statistical analyses.  Additionally, RFstats™ output is compatible with any printer you are now using with Windows, as well as with other Windows applications.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Fifteen Built-in Analyses (12 Performance & 3 Traffic)

Nice Bubbly Bullet Easy-to-use Menu-driven Windows Interface

Nice Bubbly Bullet Multiple Simultaneous Displays

Nice Bubbly Bullet Support for Color or Black & White Printers

Nice Bubbly Bullet Ability to Copy and Paste Between RFstats™ and Other Windows Applications

Nice Bubbly Bullet Data Export for Use with Your Spreadsheet Application

Nice Bubbly Bullet Online, Context-sensitive Help

Nice Bubbly Bullet Complete Documentation

Superior Capabilities:

Visualizing your RF network is just a step away.  The extensive capabilities of RFstats™ allows you to monitor and track system performance, help isolate problems, and even fine-tune your system.  Compatibility with other Windows applications allows you to create reports, perform customized post-processing and much more!

Listed below are just some of these capabilities:

Nice Bubbly Bullet Easily Create 3-D and 2-D Graphs

Nice Bubbly Bullet Perform Detailed Analyses Instantly

Nice Bubbly Bullet Maintain Historical Reference Data

Nice Bubbly Bullet Track System Performance Trends

Nice Bubbly Bullet Quantify Network Traffic Demands

Nice Bubbly Bullet Access Sophisticated Diagnostic Information

Nice Bubbly Bullet Simplify Capacity Planning

Nice Bubbly Bullet Simplify Capacity Planning

Nice Bubbly Bullet An Indispensable Tool for the RF Professional

RFstats™ takes the guesswork out of administering your Spectrum One Release 2 Gateway NCU System.  Your business depends on Symbol  and you can count on RFstats™,  from Sherwood Technologies, because we understand that running an RF network is serious business.

Get serious - get RFstats™  and Know It Now!

RFstats is a trademark of Sherwood Technologies, Inc.

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