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Software Interface Design  ...where useabilty rules

We have a simple opinion:  software that runs on one or more versions of Windows, should conform to the same basic standards set by Microsoft.  If the Windows operating system uses the word Edit  for a menu of editing options, why do certain programmers replace the name of the same or similar menu with FIX,  Change  or even ReVise?  Naturally there are no hard-and-fast rules, most certainly nothing carved in stone, however, there are established guidelines and principles...

That's why at Sherwood, we believe if something is widely accepted, go with it.

Keep Those Standards

People already have enough information to learn and remember about computers and programs, so why confuse them?  At Sherwood we make our software as intuitive and familiar as possible.  On occasion, we have been told our software looks like any Microsoft product  as some kind of insult.  We say Thank You!  Because, to us, that means the product will be easy-to-use and require only minimal, if any, training.

Use Plain English

On the other hand, just because Microsoft  does it, we don't just blindly follow suit.  Their software isn't always a great model, especially their error messages.  Our messages try to explain the problem in non-programmer terms by using everyday English.  If a message is not understood, it is useless.

Good Taste is Always in Style

In this day and age, where colors and patterns are used indiscriminately, without much thought as to whether or not they go together, where everything moves and vibrates, distraction is commonplace.  We try not to divert or disturb the user, so their concentration is improved and use of the application results in increased productivity, rather than increased frustration.

We are all Human

Let us not forget that we are all people.  We have jobs to do, but we also have lives.  Our desire is not to spend senseless hours, learning a new software product, only to discover that it would have been easier to do the job by hand.  Computers are here to work for us, not to make us work for them.  Software should be clear, intuitive and effortless to operate, and although those standards may be high, they are a worthy goal.  So, if your software product does not quite make the grade, or your tech support staff spends undue time dealing with customer questions, well then...

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