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Technical Support ...beep, Houston we Have a Problem!

Thankfully not quite as serious as that was.  Yet sometimes we do face a deadline and we do have some trouble.  And, yes, we'll try to help with any computer-related problems you have, even if you're not our customer and it's not our problem.

You should expect that with all the experience we have, we must know a lot.  OK, while that's true, we can't know everything.  However, if we can solve your problem with a quick phone call, the odds are you'll get some free advice.  For more difficult problems, a house-call  may be in order.  While not free, the good news is that unlike many physicians, we do visit the patient.

Expect More

Sherwood supports all of our products on the system for which it was designed.  We sell or supply updates, if necessary, for our products on new operating systems.  Custom software will be modified if a bug is found, so that it operates as intended - no charge here.

No Surprises

We all like surprises, except when it happens to be a bill.  If you do contract with us for a service and for example, want an entirely new document, web page or software feature, the rates are specified in your contract.  We believe that knowing, in advance, is the better approach.

We're Open...

We're open Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5PM Eastern Time for phone calls.  During other times, our Interactive Voice Response system is always ready to take your message.  Oh, FYI, it's a computer not an answering machine, so there's no need to shout Is anyone there?  We check it regularly and will call you back.

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