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Is your documentation department swamped?  Do you even have a department or technical writer?  Perhaps the marketing department is too busy to produce trade show collateral?  Or maybe you wish you had a newsletter to stay in touch with customers?  Does your software lack online Help?  Problems, problems, problems...

The Solution is to Outsource!

It's the fast, easy and cost-effective way to solve all your documentation dilemmas.  By outsourcing, you pay only for the services rendered.  Should you have logistic or space restrictions, don't worry.  Our offices are fully equipped with computers, Local Area Network, file servers, laser and color printers, XEROX machine, Internet connections, FAX, scanner and an Interactive Voice Response communications system.

Plus, Sherwood's personnel have many years of experience writing and producing documentation for software and hardware products.  The fact is that we have actually functioned as the documentation department for several companies.  Over the years our work has received some very good reviews in such publications as InfoWorld, PC Week  and ZD Internet Magazine.  (Copies of manuals, etc. are available upon request.)

A Full-service Organization

Thirty years of documentation experience means we can handle just about any writing-related project.  Our depth of computer knowledge, business operations and forms makes us an ideal choice for whatever you need written.  Oh, did we mention produced?  Well, you can rest assured knowing that we are able to provide you with a full-color, offset, shrink-wrapped, wire-bound, etc. finished product, as your needs may require.

Our forté is in the creation and production of technical manuals, ie, technical documention for software applications.  However, we can also provide standard business writing services such as proposals, business plans, procedural guides, catalogs, brochures and more.  Plus, we can interact comfortably with your overworked marketing, documentation or programming departments and can function in any capacity.  Simply put, Sherwood is at your Service!

We will gladly discuss your needs without charge or obligation.
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