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Website Services

Sherwood offers a complete range of website services, which are delivered with our personalized attention.  We take pride in our ability to understand your business and translate that into a meaningful Web presence.  The result is a website which will benefit both you and your customers.

We believe that a business website is a place to do business.  As such, it should offer information clearly and without undue distraction.  Furthermore, as an extension of your existing business, it should mirror your business philosophy, thereby casting a favorable reflection.

Beginning with a business analysis, Sherwood will provide knowledge and advice.   From the selection and registration of your domain name, through hosting set-up, to site design and implementation, our experts are at your service.

Sherwood Technologies is your one-stop shop for Business Websites that Mean Business℠

If you're interested, please read more about our services, which are described briefly below:

Nice Bubbly Bullet Design - Graphice - UX:  The visual components used to convey your message and engage the reader or visitor.  By limiting undue distraction we present a pleasant, easy-to-use experience.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Site Promotion/SEO:  We all know that people find what they want via 'search engines' even if they know the business name.  To account for this, Sherwood continually monitors your website traffic and tweaks your digital fingerprint accordingly.

Nice Bubbly Bullet eBiz:  OK, the proverbial shopping cart - although we would like to mention that not all businesses should have one of these.  We'll be happy to tell you why during your Free Consultation.  And, we will of course be equally happy if you do need a cart!

Nice Bubbly Bullet Support and Upgrades:  All websites require cleanup and maintenance, just like your office, store, factory, etc.  Sherwood provides these services for either a monthly fee or on an as-needed basis.  We also make sure your website is up and running, which is On the House!

Nice Bubbly Bullet Navigational Structure:  Many of today's websites require the visitor to traverse many pages in the quest for the information the search engine told them you had.  Our belief is that once they are at your site, the information they sought should be right in front of them - done.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Messaging:  Most others in the website business push the 'glitz' as an essential part.  While pretty is important, many times it's the content that the visitor is looking to find.  Typically, it's something that is the answer to such simple questions as: what time, how much, how often, are you open now, phone number... and the list goes on.  Our goal is to get your visitor, your existing or potential customer to their information quickly, easily and with a smile.

Nice Bubbly Bullet Hosting:  Naturally when you hire Sherwood, we provide the space where your website lives.  This is known as Hosting and the good news is that along with your space, we also provide you with real  e-mail addresses at no extra charge.  Because we feel that your Web presence is more that just your domain name, our attention to detail means that we provide as standard equipment, what others call options.  OK, there is a reasonable limit, however the important point is that your e-mail address should push your  business, not Google's, Yahoo's, your Internet Service Provider's, etc.

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