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Promotion Services   ...and that mysterious SEO thing

The way to attract a steady stream of new customers is through successful site promotion.  Search engines are only one piece of the promotional puzzle, albeit an important one.  First, as developers, we understand how software works, and therefore how  search engines work.  This also gives us the ability to speak their  language, which in turn helps us make your site bubble to the top.

But, there is much more to site promotion than simply listing your site or adding tags  to your pages.  With our many years of marketing experience, Sherwood can pinpoint your potential visitor and help design a targeted campaign.  We do this by utilizing a variety of media and blending more traditional tactics with new technology, thereby increasing the number of real  hits that your site receives.

And, while others promise to increase your website traffic,
we strive to increase your bottom line!

Search Optimization

It's a given fact that much of today's Internet revolves around search engines.  You know this to be true because you  use them to get where you want to go, especially when you don't actually know where  that is.  They are fast, easy to use and typically find the product or service you seek in short order.  Perhaps they even brought you here?  We're Just Sayin'

Then what actually is SEO or rather, Search Engine Optimization?  Well it's not as complilcated as some in the business would have you think.  It is however, somewhat time-consuming, a bit tedious and does require knowledge of how these search engines go about their business.  Which, by the way is  a business, first - - search helper second.  Perhaps we'll cover that in another edition...

Until then, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and remember, Consultations are Always Free!

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