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Office Automation

You have heard of automation, you know what an office is, but what in the world do we mean by Office Automation?  Could it be a robot that takes out the trash?  Well, not quite, but you are on the right track.  Everyone knows that taking out the trash is a tedious, repetitive chore.  Yet it is a routine part of every day at the office.

Day In - Day Out

It's true, no matter what the size of your company is, the particular products or services are, how your delivery or appointments work, etc. the basic problem remains Too much work - Too little time.  While the computer has helped to reduce many mundane tasks, a huge gap still exists between the work-a-day world and what office life could be.  That difference is what we call Office Automation,  which we make possible by waving...

...Our Magic Wand

Okay, now you're wondering how could we help you do more work in less time?  Our methodology is simple:  we use readily available software programs as building blocks, rather than as complete solutions.  Then, with a little bit of magic, we transform those familiar software applications into integrated, business-centric, software tools.

And, although business problems are similar, our unique customization process is specific to your business, the specific tasks you are performing and seamlessly integrating our custom solution into your workday.  You'll also be pleased to know that because our solution is based upon familiar software you already use, the learning curve is short and smoothe.  More like a small bump, which produces results that will  astound you.

Tomorrow is Better Today

Imagine starting with an accurate, professional, expertly formatted Proposal, followed by a perfectly executed Agreement.  Imagine never having to endlessly cut and paste again - not to mention, accidentally forgetting to remove an old customer's name from a document.  Picture yourself with timely billing and accounting tasks that are completed effortlessly.  Imagine the end of repetition.

Imagine those things and behold your Future!

What's more, the future is affordable.  With our unique approach to Office Automation, Sherwood can actually increase your productivity and  improve your bottom line.  Now that's impressive!

Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation, no hassle, consultation.
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