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Custom Databases

Sherwood custom-designs databases, as well as their user interfaces (the screens used to enter and view information).  Our databases are both easy to learn and use.  What's more, our database services provide a measurable cost vs. benefit on projects of any size.

Depending upon the specific needs of your business, we may recommend either Microsoft Access, Excel  or SQL Server  as the data repository.  We also design standalone, Windows-based front-ends in Visual Basic.  This can be used to manipulate data stored on mainframes, or in any ODBC-compliant database, as well as to operate/manipulate the database effectively.

Product Integration

With all your data properly organized and current, you will be able to gain insight into all areas of your business.  A well-designed database will permit you to quickly produce form letters for direct mail, keep tabs on inventory, generate purchase orders and much more.  The list is literally endless.  Sherwood can also enable other Microsoft Office  applications, like Word, to make use of the information in the database via the process of product integration.

And, by combining our Office Automation and Database services your business will zoom along.

R:BASE Connections

R:BASE, the first relational database developed for the PC, was a milestone in software evolution and for many years was the de-facto standard.  However, in the present day, it has scattered support.  One of the Database Services that Sherwood offers is the conversion of legacy data from R:BASE databases into Microsoft Access format.  We can even re-create much of your existing user-interface, as well as maintain existing rules and relationships, thereby minimizing or eliminating downtime.

We are also adept at accessing the information in R:BASE via ODBC.  With this approach, you may continue to use all of your existing software, reports, and interface forms, while at the same time gaining the ability to use your data with any Microsoft Office  application.  If you have R:BASE, consider leveraging your corporate investment in Windows with Sherwood's Database Services.

dBase and other Flat-file Databases

No matter what type of database you are using now, there is no doubt that you can improve your productivity, ensure data integrity for the future and enhance your business by choosing Sherwood.  We can assist with all phases of data migration and business process conversion to a modern, flexible, and reliable Windows-based platform.

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